Website Maintenance

Software and security updates are important for keeping your visitors safe.



per hour
  • Any platform
  • Add & modify content
  • Billed in ¼-hour increments


per hour
Includes Content features, plus:
  • Change styles & layout
  • Change functionality
  • Diagnose and fix bugs

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per year
  • Only supported platforms
  • Software & security updates
  • No content changes


per year
Includes Starter features, plus:
  • 2 hours of content updates
  • Site security monitoring
  • SEO monitoring
*term and conditions apply


Why does my site need on-going maintenance?

Websites need constant monitoring and software updates to stop attacks before they happen. We can also monitor your site for SEO issues.

What are the benefits of choosing an annual maintenance plan?

Our website maintenance plans help save you money and keep your site's software up-to-date.

Instead of being billed a minimum ½-hour for small content changes over a long period of time, let us keep a running tab for you on our Professional plan! If you have minimal content changes or you're only interested in keeping your site secure, our Starter plan is a better fit for you.

What are software and security updates?

Most websites are built using a CMS or similar software framework for managing digital content. As with all software, security vulnerabilities can be found after deployment that need immediate remediation.

What are content updates?

Content updates are changes or additions of text, images, or basic video. For example: posting a blog post, fixing a spelling mistake, or adding a few images to an existing page.

What are site upgrades?

Site upgrades are changes or additions of features, functionality, or unique pages. For example: adding a field to a contact form, creating an about page, or adding an interactive widget.

Supported Platforms

There are a ton of platforms out there, however I focus on relatively modern and up-to-date platforms.

  • Winter CMS (including legacy October CMS installations)
  • Static sites (Plain HTML, Vue, React, etc)
  • WordPress


There are a few things that are a given in life: taxes and fine print (Terms & Conditions).

  • Minimum ½-hour charge on all services unless otherwise specified.
  • All pay-as-you-go services are billed in ¼ increments.